Episode 32: How to Turn a Poor Patient Experience into a Career Opportunity Ft. Mike Roach

0-2In this podcast, Mike Roach discusses his perspective as a patient, noting challenges with his own care during an unexpected hospital stay and how it turned into a career of advancing healthcare, healthcare processes and support of caregivers into a passion.  He also shares the importance of mentoring, coaching, and leading change through leadership.

Episode 31: How to Invest and Operationalize SDOH into your Culture Ft. Andres Gutierrez

AndresIn this podcast, Andres Gutierrez discusses approaches to integrating the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) into technologies used in healthcare. He also shares the challenges and benefits of harnessing the data to drive better health outcomes and the community partnerships required to bring lasting change.

Episode 30: Building a Digital Strategy From the Ground Up Ft. Ray Lowe

Ray LoweIn this podcast, Ray Lowe discusses his ground-up approach to building a digital strategy which included an EMR replacement with an incredibly short time line. He also shares his entrepreneurial perspective and how his professional network, along with key stakeholder alignment, allows for his organization to focus on their patients while continuously preparing for the future.

Episode 29: IT Legacy Transformation and Cost Optimization Ft. Dr. Zafar Chaudry

ZafarIn this podcast, Dr. Zafar Chaudry discusses transforming the legacy IT landscape, approaches to stakeholder buy-in, and creating a pathway for digital initiatives and innovation.  He shares the collaboration and accountability required to strategically replace an EMR, upgrade the ERP, and plan for ECM while keeping systems goals and world-class patient care at the forefront of the organization.

Episode 28: Securing the Human Ft. Anahi Santiago

santiagoaIn this podcast, Anahi Santiago discusses the transition of the healthcare industry toward consumerism and its implications from a cybersecurity perspective. She shares how innovation and the role of the CISO play a key role in changing how care is delivered and setting the strategic plan for an organization.

Episode 27: Developing ‘Digital First’ Models of Primary Care Ft. Dimitri Varsamis, PhD

A6300912.JPGIn this podcast, Dimitri Varsamis discusses the difference between the academic, governmental and business worlds when it comes to healthcare and the intersection of what is similar and different between the US and NHS health systems. In his research, he covers digital first models of innovation that can be created and theoretically accessible very quickly for patients and consumers.  He also shares why it is key to remain curious about the future.

Episode 26: Lessons the U.S. can learn from other countries in delivering high quality and cost effective healthcare Ft. Dr. Alan Young

Alan YoungIn this podcast, Dr. Alan Young discusses how lessons learned from his experiences in receiving and delivering care in other countries have shaped his perspective on how to drive improvement in the US. The path he has taken to be an innovator and practitioner gives him a unique view of what we need to do to make the most lasting and impactful changes. He also shares what others can learn from us.